18 Entertaining Photos That Will Surely Cheer You Up And Remind You To Smile Today

Whether you had a hard day, want to see something funny, or just something to relax, we are here for you! Just take a seat and scroll down to see some photos on everything that will stray you away from all the negativity and surely cheer you up. Maybe you’ll learn something new and useful too?

Our team at Modern Mood has prepared 18 funny and entertaining photos to put a smile on your face today.

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#1. “The first time my sons been in a toy store since the pandemic hit last year. Rioted like it was toilet paper.”

Photo: © somegirlfromsask

#2. “I went outside to pick my wife a rose. I think I found the perfect one…”

Photo: © razor10000

#3. A hilarious recreation of “Saturn” by Rubens

Photo: © WearyFrog

#4. Scooby and Shaggy?

Photo: © supertizer

#5. “My dog ate my wallet, so I got a new wallet with a picture of my dog eating my wallet.”

Photo: © whyamisolonelylmao

#6. creations of genius minds

Photo: © scrubgoat

#7. “My dad sent me a picture this morning and said “it finally happened””

Photo: © ThadCastlePhD

#8. The Grinch or a brain MRI?

Photo: © indiaisthebestalways

#9. Modern school

Photo: © Malonezone27

#10. The funniest baby face we saw today!

Photo: © OhCaptainDem

#11. One cardboard sign to rule them all.

Photo: © 192_168_1_x

#12. “I found my doppelganger on a T-Shirt… and sent him one in return!”

Photo: © NiceStrings

#13. “We picked up a new bed for the dog today…”

Photo: © aloofwatermelon

#14. Find 5 differences

Photo: © Zeehammer

#15. “Day two of being the only person in the office. I’ve made a new friend.”

Photo: © VikramMukherjee

#16. A “Buttato”?

Photo: © troublegiant

#17. This mom has already had enough

Photo: © M_M_F_I_C

#18. She is obviously not thrilled about the first kiss.

Photo: © JConaSpree