18 Durable Items That Were Made to Last A Lifetime And Amaze By Their Quality

We all have something at home we never want to throw away, a favorite old sweater that is so comfy and warm, a pair of shoes that never gets old and torn, a bag that’s always in trend. And there is also stuff that not only one person uses in the houses but has passed from generation to generation and still has a long way to go in the future.

This collection is an appreciation of products made to last a lifetime. We have selected the coolest photos of quality-made and durable stuff that never go out of style and out of use. Scroll down to see the collection and share similar stuff that you own.

#1. This 16-year-old 997 still looks and runs like a brand new car.

Photo: © honorface76

#2. An even more future-proofed buy it for life. IBM Model M122 USB-C modded

Photo: © Seirin-Blu

#3. An absolute workhorse of a boat anchor. Mamiya RB 67

Photo: © edcculus

#4. Bought this beauty for $5 at a university surplus store! Looking forward to many years of good use!

Photo: © FT05-biggoye

#5. Orka Silicone oven mitts that have lasted 15 years.

Photo: © nevermindmylife

#6. Iron saucepan set still like new (80’s/90’s)

Photo: © Fruitndveg

#7. My great uncle’s watch that lived through combat in WW2. Wound it up, and it still works perfectly.

Photo: © polarbeargirl9

#8. Hawes Western Marshal, SAA clone, made in the 50s or 60s. I’m a cowboy now.

Photo: © Familiar_Big3322

#9. 1920 – 1930. Some things are destined to last forever

Photo: © Rabe2703

#10. Dr. Martens 1460 (UK), purchased  in1992

Photo: © shalpin

#11. 1962 General Electric P-865B FM/AM Radio. Still works perfectly

Photo: © Romeo_Wolf

#12. 30-year Igloo vs. 4 months

Photo: © Bixlerdude

#13. 1950 Frigidaire Delux and looks like new

Photo: © AStuckner

#14. 1958 Gillette adjustable that looks like brand new

Photo: © Fruitndveg

#15. I’ve owned this thing for 9.5 years now, nearing 300k miles. 1982 Mercedes Benz 300SD

Photo: © Theeohn_

#16. Grandpa’s 1971 Schwinn racer! These bikes were built for life, that’s for sure!

Photo: © WillisTheApe

#17. Lucchese 1883 boots from 2004. They are still gorgeous after all these years and just keep getting better.

Photo: © Right_Body7925

#18. The perfect pencil sharpener from the early 90s (if not before). They don’t make them like this anymore.

Photo: © cds75