18 Designs That We Are Not So Polite Not To Call Crappy Or Mildly Failed

We are humans, and we do love comfort and convenience. So we become designers to create the most comfortable stuff or things that make our lives much easier. But the concept of convenience and comfort is different for each of us. So when some people think they created something brilliant, it may not be seen as brilliant to everyone, right?

Let’s call things by their names, and besides, we are not so polite not to call the photos of this collection a solid definition of crappy designs. Check out the images to see how creative and, at the same time, stupid a human can get to design such objects.

#1. Technology information dept.

Photo: © Thumbs0fDestiny

#2. My mumps, my mumps, my mumps, my lovely lady lumps, check it out

Photo: © Left-Income-5650

#3. I don’t think you qualify for this job

Photo: © A-Money84

#4. SOUP soup Break SOUP

Photo: © HereForTheTanks

#5. Think inside the box first.

Photo: © SpeedDreaming

#6. If only there were an easier solution

Photo: © law_jik

#7. Bathroom at a local bar. Yes, that is carpet

Photo: © amber_emery

#8. Mike Wazowski kind of arrangements

Photo: © nhaus111

#9. Who is this sign meant for?

Photo: © FilthyRichCliche

#10. 9 is a great number. One of the best.

Photo: © Vixel_Cas

#11. Princess Adventures as a Terminator

Photo: © kronograf

#12. View from the last row

Photo: © bootyhadme4

#13. Who wants to eat at the Pube Grill?

Photo: © hhoburg

#14. This Garbage bin actually leads to another bathroom stall.

Photo: © chonkey_nugget

#15. Why Marvel

Photo: © ChristianNationalism

#16. The kind of marketing they do in a grocery store

Photo: © vinciblanco

#17. When life gets boring, Let’s Pizz

Photo: © kskashi

#18. Just an unused mattress with a forest pattern…

Photo: © BuffyBoltonVampFlayr