18 Designs That Prove Extra Creativity Can Even Be Intimidating

Nowadays, professionals put too much energy into creating something original, creative, and different in many ways. In some cases, they succeed, but their creativity looks foolishly weird and even intimidating at another point.

Check out 18 things with unusual designs that we have selected for this post, and tell us about your opinion. Let’s go!

#1. Table seating for multiple usages

Photo: © stephenyoyo

#2. Game of Thrones theme intensifies, and it looks so sad

Photo: © Enfield-Lammergeier

#3. Did you miss traveling? Here is a 39,000$ bag in a shape of an airplane.

Photo: © szilardbodnar

#4. A little Diger to your feed

Photo: © losscouldweigh

#5. So, Someone did that to his house, walked a few steps back, and told himself: “Yep, that’s what I was going for! Perfect!”.

Photo: © aimnkill

#6. Somewhere, beyond the sea…

Photo: © Jaydamic

#7. This candle can burn for 144 hours

Photo: © mberto_pagano

#8. Ram by Puma, I guess…

Photo: © 5_Frog_Margin

#9. The Golden King of Pop

Photo: © leave_it_to_beavers

#10. Spider-Dong, a beautiful design, huh?

Photo: © nEldritchFeel

#11. Who else needs this? Lobster Telephone, 1938

Photo: © nancyhightank

#12. Hmm. Chicken Soup Popsicles


#13. Just why?

Photo: © haggyVan

#14. One of these doors is entirely useless

Photo: © Mrmattgyver

#15. For “knight” time activities

Photo: © ihrie82

#16. The freshest start of the year looks like this

Photo: © dwrussell96

#17. If you’re going to do a rainbow mohawk: this is how you do it.

Photo: © MF911

#18. Someone, explain this

Photo: ©  roovaymack