18 Creepy Stuff That Looked So Normal At First Sight

Sometimes it happens when we get scared not by the things that are apparently terrifying but by things that look absolutely normal at first sight. There is often something unusual and something really frightening about common things when we look closer at them.

We have prepared photos of such cases where either the angle makes the photo horrifying, the light, or the overall vibe that’s impossible to describe. Scroll down to see the most frightening creatures that make us feel a little uncomfortable.

#1. Rubber Johnny out for another rip.

Photo: © /TheMushroomSpoke

#2. This is a female Hyena, and that thing on its underbelly is what you think it is.

Photo: © International_Car586

#3. Described as “oozing” when touched.

Photo: ©. ecanem63

#4. A wild raccoon possessed by a chaotic spirit.

Photo: © jaobodam

#5. Always watching over you…

Photo: © Apprehensive_Top5893

#6. She looks like she has the power of the thunder cats!

Photo: © /raton94

#7. Would you do this “Mountain camping” if they paid you?

Photo: © sadmama21

#8. Children’s Halloween Party…

Photo: © Riverpickles

#9. Having the breakfast of disappointment

Photo: © here4lolz2

#10. A Mosquito flying in front of the camera lens.

Photo: © Inside-Agent2149

#11. Still one of the creepiest images we’ve ever seen.

Photo: © aconnor105

#12. Humans are the enthusiasts of creating terrifying things

Photo: © ChrisPChicken04

#13. This dude has seen some things.

Photo: © NuttyNugget1992

#14. At least it looks really easy to clean…

Photo: © /lennertvg2004

#15. Imagine waking up to…this…!

Photo: © lalaxoxo__

#16. Does anyone know what’s going on with Prince Charles’ fingers?

Photo: © alf-penguin

#17. Find a girl who looks at you like Bezos’s girlfriend stares into his soul

Photo: © egian24

#18. Massive family attack on the Titan statue with the terrifying haircut

Photo: © Fury500million