18 Creations Of Nature That Make It Hard To Believe They Live In The Same World As Us

Nothing can compete with the creation of Nature. It’s so true that Nature is both a masterpiece and an artist at the same time because its brushes can create the most fascinating and superb creatures and phenomena that we human beings keep on admiring and being amazed by. We at

Modern Mood still can’t figure out how it’s possible to live in the world together with the same things that are so stunning and lit that it’s even unbelievable they exist. We have prepared 18 photos to prove Nature’s majesty and want to share these flawless beauties with our readers. Scroll down to see the collection and thank us later.

#1. Water lilies towering to the surface provide shelter for life beneath them.

Photo: © Mint_Perspective

#2. Despite the missing talon, she was in great shape and has since raised multiple successful broods!

Photo: © Imaginary-Ostrich515

#3. A brown bear (or grizzly, Kodiak, etc.) is so big that they don’t register your feeble attempts to fight back as resistance, so they just start eating you alive.

Photo: © aquilasr

#4. The shining eyes of gators in the Everglades are the perfect “no swimming” sign.

Photo: © gsuhrie

#5. A dramatic underwater photo from Monterey Bay shows a dead sea lion being devoured by starfish

Photo: © GoatSculpture

#6. A mummified baby mammoth was found in Canada!

Photo: © dbevans12

#7. Enjoying the fine winter day in Karnataka, India

Photo: © OrganicWheel7

#8. They look so compelling and alluring to eat them

Photo: © mycologyart

#9. A stunning shot of African fish eagle with a kill, Lake Naivasha – Kenya

Photo: © RRI16

#10. A Bald Eagle’s Nictitating Membrane. It’s like a transparent protective eyelid that keeps the eye clean and moist.

Photo: © gunsandjava

#11. Mantis Shrimp have the most complex visual system ever discovered, and they can punch at the same velocity as a gunshot

Photo: © SynChronNic

#12. Is this even real? Helmcken Falls, Wells Gray Provincial Park, British Columbia, Canada

Photo: © Zordack

#13. The fireflies in the Catskill Mountains. Their flashes are a mating ritual, so this is one big bioluminescent orgy.

Photo: © Star-Fever

#14. The African Sacred Ibis is the baddest Goth bird

Photo: © BobZ_1989

#15. The giant Stingray discovered in Cambodia is the world’s largest freshwater fish

Photo: © SynChronNic

#16. A wave of clouds rolls in North Central Minnesota, creating the illusion of drowning in the ocean

Photo: © AdventurousRun290

#17. Stunning! Occo Geode from Brazil

Photo: © iiTiGii

#18. “The Oryx’s Horizon.” Looks like an image from a fairy tale

Photo: © ExoticShock