18 Crazy Kids That Were Able To Put Even The Most Emotionally Balanced Parents Out Of Temper

There is no doubt kids are the most precious thing in our lives, hope for the better, purity, and sunshine. As much as they give us peace they are also the only ones able to take it away from us. And even being the calmest and the most balanced person in the world won’t help much here.

Acting crazy and naughty, getting all emotional and hysterical over the stupidest stuff is something every kid does but sometimes it’s hard for even the calmest parent to handle their craziness.

Check out the 18 hilarious photos of kids acting crazy and try not to go nuts yourself.

But let’s admit, even this way these little creatures are the sweetest. How can we blame someone so cute?

#1. He decided to climb a tree, take a bird’s nest and bring it inside

Photo: © 7-car-pileup

#2. When you can leave him for even 5 seconds

Photo: © Vanilla_thundr

#3. “My nephew wanted a portrait of George Washington. Thank goodness he didn’t want a portrait of Ben Franklin”

Photo: © Marabakes

#4. Wrangled all the seats out of the minivan, got 30 seconds into my vacuuming when suddenly it shuts off and a kid starts crying. The kid was fine btw.

Photo: © MeanMugSJ

#5. She thought this was “White water”

Photo: © AyrtonTV

#6. “My niece decided that doing this to me was a good idea”

Photo: © u/NIGHTHOWLER198

#7. Take a wild guess about what happened

Photo: © dekeeu1337

#8. How kids see fire prevention…

Photo: © MafiaSweetie

#9. Grabbed the wrong tit

Photo: © itsarandomguy

#10. Kid: That’s a risk I’m willing to take.

Photo: © Aris-Totally

#11. So close to wholesome

Photo: © beefcakes_

#12. “My 3-year-old is angry because the beavers keep chomping on the tree.”

Photo: © Juan911411

#13. He wants to get on the Bus, and the bus is on the TV

Photo: © Used_Arugula2271

#14. “You’re killing her, woman”

Photo: © DueNeighborhood6

#15. Poky poky, tenc lav chi

Photo: © ceberusarmz

#16. That’s so sweet to hear you have a weird nose

Photo: © otterwithdarkside

#17. Be more careful not to freak out

Photo: © bomba1749

#18. As much as naughty they are, they are still the most adorable ones, right?

Photo: © godofimagination