18 Crazy Ideas That People Turned Into Reality Are So Bad You Will Love Them

When crazy ideas visit you, you should turn them into reality, for sure. Some people always follow this rule and the results are not always so satisfying. The recent years of fashion and creativity, in general, have proven that there are no limits to human imagination. Be it clothing, a car, or household stuff, there are people who don’t care what others will think.

We have prepared a crazy collection of weird stuff that people create, wear or use that is so good you will hate them, or that is so bad you will love them. Scroll down to see the funny photos and tell us about your limits.

#1. It swears in Russian when you turn it on?

Photo: © Oms19

#2. Anything for the aesthetic

Photo: ©noclassbrat

#3. When you can only show one of your works at a dog grooming expo

Photo: © FlashScooby

#4. Some fine jeans on your table

Photo: © /MoonThatNeverSets

#5. A lot to unpack here

Photo: © SkunkMommy

#6. It just looks like such an awkward bag to walk around town with…

Photo: © something_clever_94

#7. One man’s trash is another one’s treasure

Photo: © lifeexhaustedpigeon

#8. Just like the Tusken raiders mask from star wars

Photo: © DmitriyBragin

#9. Bad idea, would probably be charged as a hate crime

Photo: © Grizzly_Spirit

#10. And who said the perfect clogs don’t exist?

Photo: © photograpopticum

#11. Louis Vuitton basketball hoop. They have a mirror one as well, which looks as great as it sounds.

Photo: © DwelveDeeper

#12. This bench cares for you more than anyone else

Photo: © Obvious_Future99

#13. op said, “phone will not charge without pressure.”

Photo: © umpkin2500

#14. A grenade drawer. So that you are always ready, it explodes

Photo: © 4tanicSheep

#15. The most disappointing part is that it can’t even pedal

Photo: © horrorhead1996

#16. What style is this supposed to be?

Photo: © hitStainedBallSack

#17. Everything’s cool until it grabs your leg

Photo: © SoIamtheignorantnow

#18. Oh, Danny boy, the goats, the goats are calling.

Photo: © ampano85