18 Craziest Haircuts That Are So Bad They Are Almost Good

A change in style is always welcome and most people start this change with a new hairstyle mostly by changing the color or having them cut in an ordinary way. In an ordinary way! Some people’s imagination and perception of a style change equal with absurdity.

Our team has selected the most failed hairstyles of ordinary people looking at which only two questions arise: 1. Did these people really want to get such haircuts? and 2. Did they just lose a bet to someone?

In any case, they are so funny we can’t stop laughing at them.

#1. A well-conditioned bird’s nest

Photo: © WhoTheHell1347

#2. A Professor at my university rocking the bold two-tuft hairline look

Photo: © I_Ran_Over_Oprah

#3. Top sexy hairstyles that men consider irresistible…

Photo: © MonkeyOnYourMomsBack

#4. “Give me the Farquaad but give up halfway through.”

Photo: © donald_slam

#5. Someone explain this

Photo: © gujii

#6. Haircut goals

Photo: © cittacitta

#7.  “Soul patch”

Photo: © Skullkiid_

#8. Family style

Photo: © Catspiracy

#9. When your company says no facial hair…

Photo: © airborneANDrowdy

#10. If Markiplier was a supervillain, he’d look something like this

Photo: © Mr-TPhilips

#11. Real fans act on it!

Photo: © robtheoriginal

#12. A Chilean businessman…

Photo: © SunHitDaFade

#13. Choose your favorite!

Photo: © TigerBubbles

#14. One of the best yet

Photo: © xxLOPEZxx

#15. Arizona sunset lovers?

Photo: © robtheoriginal

#16. Caption this, please

Photo: © silversmhef

#17. The straw is killing us

Photo: © Leo_Remos

#18. Would you get yourself one like this?

Photo: © linkielambchop

Have you ever had such crazy haircuts? Share yours in the comments!