18 Coziest Houses That Will Evoke The Desire To Get Tucked Into A Blanket And Drink Hot Chocolate

Winter has come, and all of us are craving cozy evenings, a fireplace, hot chocolate, and a warm blanket. Oh, we described perfection here. Imagine what it will feel like living in such a place.

There is nowhere better and cozier as your home, but the most relaxing corner of Reddit called “Cozy Places” has got us the desire to get ourselves warmed up in these beautiful places. So we summed up comfortable conviviality and coziness in 18 photos, and we’re sure these houses will make you get tucked into a blanket and watch a movie with a cup of hot chocolate or coffee.

#1. The coziest vibes come from home theatres

Photo: © mywholename

#2. Our first Christmas in our first home.

Photo: © clawer96

#3. This place is so lovely

Photo: © LogicFallacies

#4. 100-year-old lake cabin in northern Wisconsin.

Photo: © U235EU

#5. A cozy tiny plant room in the Philippines.

Photo: © pearloftheorientseas

#6. Hanging Pothos migrated to the kitchen for the winter!

Photo: © carriejane712

#7. Living alone has its advantages too

Photo: © slaNublarTourGuide

#8. Made our apartment balcony a comfy resting nook

Photo: © Lemonking_

#9. The coziest set up for Winter

Photo: © kel765

#10. Autumn can be more than comfortable and enchanting

Photo: © TriangleSailor

#11. A tiny jungle bathroom filled with sunlight

Photo: © unloadedquake

#12. This already feels like home

Photo: © idrinkandiseethings

#13. Misty morning in Southern California

Photo: © anontimous

#14. The cozy outdoor area behind a Berkshire’s Cafe

Photo: © dirtandglass

#15. The coziest part is feeling the sun’s warmth from the couch

Photo: © caipirinha_mami

#16. A lifelong dream come true with a cabin in the woods.

Photo: © /JNJP76

#17. Christmas mood is officially on

Photo: © MichelleS2323

#18. Appreciating winter from the inside.

Photo: © HardHatFishy