18 Coolest Things That Are So Unique You’d Wish You owned Them Too

When human imagination starts working, there is no way of trying to limit it. In these moments, it creates such wonderful things and objects that can arouse not only our admiration but also make us wish we had them.

In this article we want to draw your attention to exactly such things, so pull yourself together! We have prepared 18 photos of cool things that are created in a way that becomes desirable for most people and many of our readers will definitely want to have some of these things right away. So just scroll down and tell us which one moves your interest the most?

#1. Who else needs this mug?

Photo: © Baccawin101

#2. Inflatable tank pool float that has a working water cannon

Photo: © tablawi96

#3. How lit is this Elton John Halloween costume?

Photo: © insane34d3

#4. This 16th-century ring turns into an armillary sphere – it’s an astronomical instrument used to identify the coordinates of celestial bodies.

Photo: © PastIndicator

#5. The perfect bookshelf decor doesn’t exist

Photo: © texdoll11

#6. How accurate is this?

Photo: © clawsonp

#7. Holy face mask goals

Photo: © Maxime_300000

#8. Drivable gender reveal

Photo: © Chilli-byte-

#9. These shark socks are so adorable, aren’t they?

Photo: © Besaad14

#10. A beer, called “Russian Roulette”, where the bottle cap is a gun Barrell with only one bullet.

Photo: © hellr0in

#11. The wolverfork.

Photo: © mr_brannagan

#12. The subtle art of not giving a damn

Photo: © JiANTSQUiD

#13. OMG, this tool dog is love!

Photo: © Harzer_Kaese

#14. A very cool toilet roll holder.

Photo: © Biffsmack

#15. Beautiful, but what is the point?

Photo: © -Jacques_Arc-

#16. Do you trust your siblings?

Photo: © Butterflies_Books

#17. In Saudi Arabia, they cover Coca-Cola cans with a lid to protect them. The Arabic quote on the lid means “don’t worry about it we covered it for you”

Photo: © M0ST7EL

#18. One of the coolest mugs we saw today

Photo: © Preposterouspickles