18 Coolest Stuff Obtained From Thrift Stores That Definitely Made Us Plan Our Next Shopping there

When you visit someone at their place and notice the perfect pink velvet couch of your dreams where do you think you got them from? Have you noticed that everything cool and unique is obtained from thrift stores and for a very reasonable price, oh sorry, not reasonable but unreasonably cheap?

The cool stuff we have prepared in this article that people have bought from thrift shops or flea markets will make you plan your next shopping exactly there.

#1. The perfect pink velvet couch only for 100USD

Photo: © lives4books

#2. Found him for .99 cents at Goodwill today

Photo: © cheesepuuf

#3. UNREAL Goodwill find. Vintage Yamaha YP-B4 Turntable in amazing condition. $29.99!

Photo: © DestroyAllHeresy

#4. Found this Tiffany stained glass at a garage sale for $3

Photo: © orion1787

#5. Corndogs. Ain’t they cool?

Photo: © SadRafeHours

#6. Church pew from a garage sale

Photo: © lostprevention

#7. Large brass and possibly bronze antelope from the 60s or 70s!

Photo: © damestillmen

#8. An amazing rattan elephant

Photo: © JeSuisLeBatman89

#9. Vintage Frankart Bronze Deco Bookends. Thanks, Marketplace!

Photo: © recovery_room

#10. The fanciest cats from the thrift store you were probably not prepared to see

Photo: © rii abrego

#11. Fully functional Nikon for only $15!!!!

Photo: © UkuleleDing

#12. This amazing piece found at the Goodwill

Photo: © Rebeccca1020

#13. A cute finding in the thrift store

Photo: © milczak

#14. $40 for a 8 x 10 Chinese Aubusson Rug

Photo: © spotted_owls

#15. 4 foot tall  super soft SpongeBob

Photo: © joshtudor

#16. Back when these were a trend

Photo: © luvbrat

#17. “Always have my eye out for trinket dishes but this is by far my favourite, especially after a light scrub and polish”

Photo: © grosslymediocre

#18. Bernie, the finest piece that couldn’t be left at the thrift shop

Photo: © TeaTimeAtThree