18 Coolest Designs That Even The Most Capricious Customers Will Die To Have

A good design sells itself. We thought that cool designs are sometimes overrated until we came across a subreddit on Reddit called “I need it” where people share the most unique designs of different styles and types.

Here you may find both very simple and incredibly detailed objects of all types. So our team has looked through everything accurately and compiled this article of 18 cool designs that are simply satisfying to watch and that make us all scream: “I need it”.

#1. А really cool Kitchen Island Aquarium

Photo: © zonkedforlife

#2. It’s cool but let us guess what is it for?

Photo: © Master1718

#3. Who else wants a transformer robowatch?

Photo: © astridepray

#4. This is the cutest frog wallet we’ve ever seen

Photo: © ChameLeonYT

#5. Matte black playing cards. Unless you’re looking directly at the card, it’s basically impossible to see what they are.

Photo: © Rafapex

#6. We definitely need this incredible moon puzzle

Photo: © AdNoctumOne

#7. Han Solo carbonate vinyl sticker for your refrigerator.

Photo: © everydaydude

#8. This device turns your arrow keys to a joystick

Photo: © /delete_dis

#9. Couch plug-in for the controller. Not for everyone but gamers absolutely NEED this.

Photo: © veanhnc

#10. This Bed is all we need during the pandemic

Photo: © -Syriix-

#11. Do you think this is disgusting? Poop Tea Infuser

Photo: © ohnnybiggles

#12. Armored Gauntlets owned by the Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I, from 1508 until his death in 1519. (Metropolitan Museum of Art) (960×960)

Photo: © GaGator43

#13. Interesting! Radioactive drop nightlight.

Photo: © ronnie1211

#14. Chad animals. Who else needs one?


#15. Zoom in, this is a quilt

Photo: © Bonnie817

#16. Tiny socks that prevent scratches on the floor from your chair!

Photo: © dishwashersafe_puppy

#17. A built-in watering hole for your pets.

Photo: © ahfir

#18. So that you know you enter an ice cream place right from the front door

Photo: © rasteri