18 Coolest Designs And Creative Stuff That We All Need In Our Lives

Sometimes we wonder where people take so much creativity from, and it doesn’t matter whether what they create is useful or not; just having the idea is quite enough.

Life is too short not to get something even ridiculous sometimes. It would be very boring always to follow the standards and norms and all those “creative minds” do is insert a little extravagance into mundane things.

And this is how we have compiled this post with 16 cool stuff that attracts people so much, and it’s not even important that they are entirely useless; it’s just that they are really lit.

#1. Pyramid in the Woods

Photo: © j3ffr33d0m

#2. Truck Hitch Tree Pod Tents. I need this in my life!

Photo: © linkognito

#3. Dr. Strange Mosquito Coil

Photo: © G0KU69

#4. A cat backpack with posable arms and legs!

Photo: © linkognito

#5. Octopus Mug Holder

Photo: © shopify.com

#6. This phone case is lit

Photo: © osseepoo

#7. An underground walk-in fridge that uses just the Earth to keep your food and wine cooled!

Photo: © nkognito

#8. Mood ring toilet seat

Photo: © linkognito

#9. Worm gear pepper grinder.

Photo: © zachhoefer

#10. Cool Kodama pots for air plants

Photo: © Seanasaurus79

#11. Hands-free twins feeder. Who needs this?

Photo: © inkognito

#12. This dad loved storytime with his three kids but had run out of a lap room when his last child was born. So he built this incredible triple-seater rocking chair.

Photo: © linkognito

#13. You can now get Mario pieces for your aquarium to create your own Mario level for your fish.

Photo: © linkognito

#14. Japanese sculptor creates hilarious Tom and Jerry sculptures from their most unfortunate moments

Photo: © inkognito

#15. The cutest toddler Scuba Diver Costume

Photo: © linkognito

#16. The perfect doormat

Photo: © linkognito

#17. A mount for the ring light DSLR combo

Photo: © Jeffro1265

#18. I made these spikes to stop “helpful” people from grabbing me without consent

Photo: © RavenLunatic512