18 Cool Tattoos That Even Your Dad Won’t Be Mad If You Got Them

Tattoos have become the most common thing, and every second person has them. Still, some people disapprove of them, and people who love tattoos but struggle because their parents forbid them to have one.

This post is a collection of cool tattoos for those who appreciate good art and a tribute to those who are jealous to see these pieces because their dads won’t allow them to have one.

The truth is that the tattoos in this compilation are so good that even your dad won’t get mad if you got yourself one. Scroll down to check the photos and comment on the one you’d love to have. If your dad allowed you to, of course. Haha!

#1. Tropical Sleeve. This is gorgeous

Photo: © Amicitia_00

#2. The cutest things come in the form of tattoos too.

Photo: © fazzmatazz

#3. Rate this floral art on a scale of 1-5

Photo: © xk.tattooshop

#4. The ol’ Plague Doctor. The details are amazing.

Photo: © castingshadows87

#5. We love this Demon Slayer tattoo.

Photo: © Neat-Atmosphere5546

#6. Details are what matter in tattoo art. This is phenomenal.

Photo: © scott572

#7. Who else loves tattooed ears?

Photo: © seymourbutts____

#8. So cute and so surprised.

Photo: © kitkatofthunder

#9. Luke Whitmire at Groundwork Tattoos in Lees Summit, Missouri.

Photo: © 3rats1frog

#10. The love story

Photo: © /bootsupsideyour

#11. Gengar added to the wip pokemon patchwork sleeve!

Photo: © SecWoe

#12. Calvin and Hobbes. How amazing!

Photo: © dqdennis

#13. We love this art of ghost girl pinup

Photo: © thetheshowshow

#14. Very cool and solid piece. What do you think?

Photo: © TheGopherNut

#15. Felt brave enough to share my recent tattoo I got of my best friend.

Photo: © BootyFyre

#16. When you love your cat so much, you get his portrait tattooed on your leg

Photo: © TortitudeX3

#17. The Rescuers. They look so adorable

Photo: © Vicks_Jayy

#18. That color work is amazing. They all compliments each other so well.

Photo: © /seandlogie