18 Confusing Photos Of Objects That Surprisingly Enough Look Completely Different From Our Perception Of Them

When they say lemon, we immediately portray the acceptable image of it in our brains: rounded, slightly elongated, yellow citrus fruit with thick skin. But it turns out that sometimes they can be of other forms too, which can easily confuse us.

The same happens with many other objects surrounding us. We never think that ordinary stuff can look in a way to catch us off guard, but apparently, they can.

So we prepared a collection of 18 confusing photos that don’t look what they actually should and how we are used to seeing them. Scroll down to check them and tell us what has surprised you more.

#1. Have you ever seen a transparent leaf?

Photo: © Noch1234

#2. This shadow looks like Alfred Hitchcock with ice cream on his head.

Photo: © LastLapPodcast

#3. In case the owners don’t know how to read

Photo: © Oscar-is-Bored

#4. How do some people hold the pen

Photo: © Plankgang300

#5. Growing entirely on a wall is the new way of growing

Photo: © water_aspirant

#6. Where is the rest?

Photo: © adrian_yeboi_06

#7. Sometimes the ice cubes freeze with a spike

Photo: © mouse_42

#8. A very actual pasta shape found only in Italy

Photo: © Cuspidx

#9. The way these bubbles formed is a perfect symmetry

Photo: © Seraziki

#10. This ear shape is so adorable, do you agree?

Photo: © Cutie_Sage

#11. Local eatery made makeshift mirror frame with spray foam.

Photo: © double_dead_eyes

#12. The scar has made him sad

Photo: © Jixzl

#13. Growing through the fence almost 6’ above the ground

Photo: © QatBranchman

#14. This hibiscus plant which always had white flowers, gave a half pink and half white flower today

Photo: © kuttar_bachha

#15. What are these really long barcodes for?

Photo: © Joe_Lo_Truglio

#16. The way they cut this tree for the power lines is not how we used to know trees looked like

Photo: © aredalamode

#17. Never knew carrots looked like this when cut into slices

Photo: © MineBastler

#18. The amount of damage a pileated woodpecker did to this tree in a few hours.

Photo: © 101dnj