18 cats that express emotions unbelievably well and are not afraid to show them

Everybody knows that cats aren’t just pets. They’re somewhat like us, independent, sometimes moody, show their character, aren’t willing to come to terms with things they don’t like, and it turns out, they are pretty good at expressing themselves with emotions, just like us humans do. Check out these emotional cats we found; can you relate with their mood?

1. Not sure what this emotion is, but we definitely relate

Photo: © EurAnnoying

2.Somebody help!

Photo: © Wildwildworld

3.Bib was accidentally shut outside, and she surely has a lot to say about it

Photo: © Unknown

4.Stella’s face whenever I come home smelling like other cats

Photo: © jamiejo389

5.Angry claw bunny

Photo: © jdlr64

6.Why does he look so suspicious?


7.My cat’s sleeping face expresses emotions I can’t comprehend

Photo: © Ogniok

8.Lilac only has two emotions

Photo: © PersonifiedRaccoon

9.Angry easter kitty

Photo: © Leading_Culture4799

10.I think my cat has difficulties with expressing anger

Photo: © laurenwazenn

11.This is Giggles. He was just adopted from a local shelter. Obviously very happy about it

Photo: © GodThePopeThenMe

12.Priceless moment caught on camera

Photo: © GoddessScully

13.The level of astonishment! Wow!

Photo: © KaroleNice

14.What’s the name of this emotion?

Photo: © okcafe

15.Find yourself a person who looks at you the way this cat looks at his human

Photo: © sreeni69

16.When you’re arguing and realize you’re wrong

Photo: © ranamohammedd

17.I recently adopted a kitten and it always gets angry when it sees me

Photo: © Thoongs

18.I went to university today, 6 hours out in town. I came back to him waiting for me like this. I think I messed up; he is angry. Any advice on how to win back his love?

Photo: © transparentword