18 Cases Of Dumbness At Work And What People Say To Their Bosses When They Do An Awful Job

Professionalism and responsibility are key factors to succeed in your chosen profession. But what happens when one lacks both and simply sucks at doing his job?

Bosses can fire them anytime, but the toilet paper placed outside the toilet won’t go back to the toilet itself, the utility pole on the newly laid road won’t uninstall itself, and the trees planted in the bricks will stay in the payment. What’s done is done!

We have prepared some super funny photos of how people fail at doing their job and want to learn your opinion or someone you know would do this. Scroll down to see, and let’s vote to see who’s the winner in the “not my job” awards.

#1. Installed the “down” elevator button, boss

Photo: © BinaryPeach

#2. I made a ramp, boss

Photo: © ReactionNo1077

#3. Couldn’t reach the owner of the car, but the job is well-done

Photo: © spider_plays_YT

#4. Put up the exit sign, Boss

Photo: © BlueFoxandBear

#5. Installed the sink, boss

Photo: © Cold-Contribution-54

#6. Can we get a sombrero on the Mexican version for clarification?

Photo: © bopaqod

#7. Job done! A utility pole on the newly laid road!

Photo: © CaMp_cz

#8. Planted the trees, boss!

Photo: © shadyinthisbitch

#9. Made the laptop, boss!

Photo: © NichoHS

#10. Trained everyone up on the security system, boss.

Photo: © techietraveller84

#11. Installed the safety rails, boss!

Photo: © PuzzleheadedOne1428

#12. Installed the CPU fan, boss!

Photo: © ShermanLiu

#13. Made the New York tribute poster for our restaurant, boss!

Photo: © YourFriendBlu

#14. It must be the tropical variety…

Photo: © steve626

#15. Laid down the astroturf in my area, boss!

Photo: © theosnovis

#16. Installed the barriers, boss

Photo: © Responsible_Aide_943

#17. The door is fixed, boss

Photo: © jaunelacouleur

#18. The work is done, boss! Toilet paper outside the toilet

Photo: © TPUMB7