18 Captivating Photos As A Test To See How Well You Know This World

Let’s take a little test to see how well you know this world and the wonders it has to offer. The planet earth is home to countless unusual and unique things that we don’t even manage to see during our life.

Our readers are surely lucky to have the chance to see at least a tiny portion of exciting stuff. So just fasten your belts and check out some really cool photos that you may be seeing for the first time.

#1. Federal Reserve Bank, New York, 1959.

Photo: © MoniMokshith

#2. Galileo Galilei’s finger on display at the Galileo Museum in Florence, Italy

Photo: © Posted byu/TheEliteKoala1

#3. The eyes of Catauron are a whole planet

Photo: © Pnssypower Pnssypower

#4. This woman never existed – AI-generated image

Photo: © NormanAnonymous

#5. My dad and crew just finished a tunnel 200 feet under Hartford, CT.

Photo: © zachboth

#6. Albino family in India

Photo: © WeirdWhirlpool

#7. Forbidden Breakfast, but it looks so yummy

Photo: © HyperActive1DUK

#8. Russia doesn’t have Santa Claus; they have Father Frost.

Photo: © curiousfryingpan

#9. US Navy swimming near USS Mesa Verde

Photo: © kucherenkoZZZ

#10. Joseph Ducreux and his self potraits (1700s)

Photo: © _Xyreo_

#11. The Kailash Temple in India is the largest monolithic (carved out of a single rock) structure in the world

Photo: © xkft

#12. $500 bundles of $1 bills uncirculated vs. circulated

Photo: © VolkerTechno

#13. Chimpanzee Fingertip vs. Human Fingertip

Photo: © StinkyTofu111

#14. 50 % of Canadians live south of the red line.

Photo: © mohiemen

#15. An ancient bridge between rock tunnels. “While the bridge was built in 1987, it very deliberately looks as though it was built much earlier.”

Photo: © iam4real

#16. The statute of Mephistopheles, also known as Mephisto, a demon featured in German folklore in Salar Jung Museum

Photo: © GroundbreakingSet187

#17. Diamond Beach in Iceland is the real treasure and

Photo: © DrFetusRN

#18. This copper plate was created around 1480 depicting a Dutch wife paddling her husband,

Photo: © GaGator43