18 Brilliant Ways People Fixed Their Bad Tattoos By Getting New Splashing Ones

We are human beings evolving every minute, making mistakes every second and trying to correct them constantly. All of us have done something and regretted it at one point. This one post is dedicated to those who got themselves a pretty cool tattoo sometimes on their heyday and obviously regretted it. But thanks to talented tattoo artists these mistakes have been fixed so brilliantly that there is even no trace of the previous failures anymore.

We have selected 18 photos showing the way that people got rid of bad tattoos by getting new ones.

#1. They both look so cute

Photo: © DarkStarFTW

#2. What do you think about this bad guy on a guy’s leg?

Photo: © ynsein

#3. From superpower to super wisdom

Photo: © Back2Beantown

#4. Extremely detailed 3D cover-up. What do you think?

Photo: © HarLeyy187

#5. Cruci-fixed

Photo: © retardvark

#6. An amazing cover-up done by Micah Harold at Red Handed. Shreveport, LA

Photo: © starprise_entership

#7. The art of tattooing is mind-blowing

Photo: © Afraid-Animal835

#8. How incredibly a pair of dice has turned into an eagle

Photo: © Rocking56

#9. A few corrections are all it takes

Photo: © Unknown

#10. Before and after cover-up. Rate this one

Photo: © steviejackson94

#11. Which one would you prefer?

Photo: © aubreymadden

#12. Fantastic White Rabbit rework by Ali Burke at Highwater Gallery, Swansea UK

Photo: © whitestainedwood

#13. This hula girl got a bit of a facelift

Photo: © hula_eve

#14. Berry Cover-up looking all delicious

Photo: © Mowglis_road

#15. Wow, this is really huge. Agree?

Photo: © TheGoodSon80

#16. A pretty amazing cover-up

Photo: © traanne21

#17. Before or after?

Photo: © Grifft

#18. Face fix and an incredible transformation

Photo: © dwdwaterdrop