18 Awkward Stair Designs That Are So Funny Unless They Cause Serious Disasters

Much effort should be put into designing a home because that’s where you’re gonna live for the rest of your life. However, when designing your interior not only aesthetic beauty should be taken into account but also the convenience of someone who’s going to live there.

Stairs! Some designers have forgotten that stairs are important parts of interior design and should be super convenient to prevent injuries and disasters!

Stairs shouldn’t be designed in a way that we have to look twice or thrice and be super careful not to fall but in a way, for us to be able to run up and down all day.

#1. All the privacy you need.

Photo: © Pineapple0001

#2. Smooth stairs…very smooth

Photo: © shehzad

#3. Something is wrong with this stair railing…

Photo: © DefinetlyFine

#4. You don’t have to be drunk to fall down these stairs.

Photo: © Elmaaro

#5. Who can explain this?

Photo: © IsItKandar

#6. How do we get the couch up?

Photo: © Mattdonlan1

#7. Not a good carpet choice for stairs.

Photo: © scienceyeaux

#8. Danger!

Photo: © salamanca2792

#9. This is so funny

Photo: © RaplinePlease

#10.These creepy stairs are even scary

Photo: © rileyjw90

#11. Logics?

Photo: © mariii95

#12. Double stairs

Photo: © adynako

#13. I can see why someone wanted to fix this

Photo: © PythonRegal

#14. How to break your bones

Photo: © Cyreniac

#15. Who wouldn’t want stairs like these

Photo: © Raz0r42

#16. “Built the staircase exactly as designed, boss”

Photo: © MenacingBanjo

#17. Making sure these stairs are mostly useless, if not downright dangerous.

Photo: © MycroFeline

#18. Stairs of Death

Photo: © palegreycells