18 Awful Designs That Prove Some Ideas Better Be Left As Ideas

Some people have perfect skills but unfortunately, they lack creativity or maybe the creativity is too much, we’ll try to figure that out with our readers in the end. Some ideas are better left to be just ideas but the tasteless, awful, and overdone designs in this article have proved that some people are indeed proud of their “genuine ideas”. If they’ve put their efforts into something else or simply took a break from brainstorming the results might perhaps be better.

Anyway, if not for these people and their work, we wouldn’t have compiled this article that will cause some laughs too. Take a minute to scroll through the photos and you’ll understand what we mean. excellent

#1. Tomato or Strawberry?

Photo: © Jazorn

#2. This is from the “thanks for the recommendation” section of the Bible

Photo: © FearlessFixxer

#3. Probably the most awful design

Photo: © drunk-astronaut

#4. Be careful; It looks laced

Photo: © The_Loudest_Bear

#5. This Donald Trump buddha. is not the best idea

Photo: © Jack_Madee

#6. Can’t decide if this is awful, or just makes me uncomfortable.

Photo: © findthetangent

#7. When you ask your boyfriend to buy new silverware

Photo: © woctaog

#8. Hughes Water Gardens in Wilsonvill. 1 part cool, 2 parts creepy.

Photo: © KS_PDX

#9. You won’t even know you’re wearing them

Photo: © AlecTheDalek

#10. Say hello to this Golden Retrieber

Photo: © bipnoodooshup

#11. Can you caption this, because we can’t?

Photo: © oyotaSupra00

#12. Who else thinks this is cool?

Photo: © ew5

#13. You said you like heels?

Photo: © desertmamba

#14. Isn’t this the perfect execution?

Photo: © major_minus

#15. Hungry on a walk

Photo: © escargotBleu

#16. Feeling creative while organizing weddings

Photo: © desertmamba

#17. Moss sandals… Not every small business needs to exist.

Photo: © thiccticctacc

#18. High quality, instantly recognizable, horrible taste.

Photo: © Pork-Piggler