18 Awesome Examples Of Cute Tiny Tattoos That Will Make You Want To Get Your Body Inked

Every tattoo has a story that the owner tries to tell. Some are dedicated to their loved ones; others just display favorite movies, characters, or symbols. Not everyone wants to get tattooed, but there are some pieces that won’t leave anyone indifferent.

We at Modern Mood love unique and cute arts on the skin and want to share some cool pieces with you too.

So we prepared this awesome collection of cute tattoos and would love to read your comments about them. Should we?

#1. This is precious, isn’t it?

Photo: © Reapiecakes

#2. When you carry your loved ones on your skin

Photo: © happy_go_lucky11

#3. Autumn has come.

Photo: © Unknown

#4. Floral tattoos are timeless

Photo: © Embarrassed-Study-77

#5. The Crow, homage to the movie

Photo: © cutlikearazor

#6. Someone’s mooing all the time

Photo: © like-magic

#7. This looks so adorable

Photo: © catwiniwinithekiwi

#8. Party Dog tribute to my pup

Photo: © Telfo

#9. Art Nouveau Siamese Cat is another timeless tattoo example

Photo: © lizniz

#10. Thigh peony is an absolute love

Photo: © howdoyousuckafuck

#11. 3D art is so crazy

Photo: © /InkIronsAndNeedles

#12. Great idea and execution

Photo: © Kigiyuk

#13. OMG, this sweet criminal.

Photo: © CelestialAxolotl

#14. Super clean lines. A very nice piece

Photo: © 4thehonorofgayskull

#15. Awesome. Looks like one of the early Pikachu drawings.

Photo: © Sesshomarusrevenge

#16. Cats are a classic

Photo: © RiceDrops

#17. A little gentleman to brighten your day

Photo: © sydfrom0nline

#18. This is not a tattoo, this is a work of art

Photo: © angel14072007