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18 Astounding Photos Proving That The Most Common Things Can Thrill With What They Hold Inside Them

It is too hard to impress us anymore so the object of our admiration should really be thrilling and beyond impressive. Believe me or not, such things still exist in the world, and once discovered they can change our perspective on the world.

We have found 18 utterly surprising and astonishing photos that prove even the most common and ordinary things can contain something wonderful in them and impress with their content.

#1. Spaceballs the Helmet. We want to see the head under it

Photo: © HughJafro

#2. Sleeping in a castle tonight

Photo: © Nox_Dei

#3. Caption this!

Photo: © Djeolsson

#4. The wildest fight

Photo: © Vesko567

#5. California at its finest…

Photo: © PaulAShepherds

#6. Find five differences

Photo: © /iSpit_on_Shoeshiners

#7. A small lakeside town tucked into the snowy mountains, as Northern Lights shimmer in the night sky above in Norway

Photo: © baiqibeendeleted17x

#8. Outdoor Yoga Class during the spooky season

Photo: © AgentBlue62

#9. Asian paradise flycatcher, native to the Indian subcontinent, Central Asia and Myanmar.

Photo: © MistWeaver80

#10. Miguel from Coco.

Photo: © AndrevvYang2020

#11. Who wore the freckles better?

Photo: © WhileFalseRepeat

#12. A Boyd’s forest dragon, endemic to the Daintree region of far north Queensland

Photo: © Le_Rat_Mort

#13. Paul Walker’s daughter, Meadow Walker, just got married. Guess who walked her to the altar…

Photo: © _Xyreo_

#14. If anyone needs me, I’m gonna be living in a van down by the river.

Photo: © BartKing

#15. Striking, beautiful king vultures and the robust chest cojones.

Photo: ©. aquilasr

#16. House in front of an erupting volcano in La Palma

Photo: © SalazarRED

#17. A ficus. This one appears to be trimmed to have its leaves look like that. Sort of like a topiary.

Photo: © na7oul

#18. The claw of a Koala is bigger than a human hand

Photo: © Rakalimon