18 Astonishing Photos Proving Once Again That This World Is Home To Mysteries And Unrevealed Secrets

Recently archeologist Dr. Zahi Hawass has discovered the Rise of Aten, an ancient Egyptian city in Luxor that was lost under the sands 3,000 years ago. Although we think we have already known and have learned about this world, new discoveries are being made, and get our mouths wide open every time. Mother Nature and the world we live in are home to infinite mysteries and yet unrevealed secrets.

Our team has prepared 18 amazing photos to show our reader only the smallest part of the incredible world.

#1. The incredibility of Nature A tree saved by a tree

Photo: © ramdom-ink

#2. Owl raised duckling when it mistook egg for its own

Photo: © d3333p7

#3. Mysterious handprints in a cave in southern Utah

Photo: © waymanate

#4.  Portuguese man o’ war washed up on the shore

Photo: © goldbutthole

#5. This isn’t Dagobah; it’s a real-life magical forest – Wistman’s Wood.

Photo: © ElectronDegeneracy

#6. How adorable is this elephant family sleeping

Photo: © Porodicnostablo

#7. This naturally created rock looks like a woman in a long skirt.

Photo: © aguyinwilmington

#8. The Creeping Devil is a rare species of cactus that is not only capable of cloning itself to survive but also of detaching from its major shoot to move through the desert over time.

Photo: © Successful_Donut_928

#9. A Malayan tapir baby’s dark brown hair with white stripes and spots is a pattern that enables them to hide effectively in the dappled light of the forest. This coloration fades away several months after birth.

Photo: © KimCureAll

#10. A White Ghost Cicada. How gorgeous is this?

Photo: © Browndog888

#11. Crossing the frozen Lake Baikal in Russia

Photo: © K4Kerala

#12. The way this tree grew over the railing reminds of Nature’s power

Photo: © dino-dancers

#13. Cute Bear cubs challenging a wildlife photographer

Photo: © obolles

#14. A tree with a natural eye-shaped knot

Photo: © TCat122

#15. Nature Finds a Way

Photo: © Societarian

#16. So adorable. A bird making its nest in a mop

Photo: © mcclanedutch

#17. Nature swallows a car in Hawaii.

Photo: © fish_and_crips

#18. Crystal clear water and the majesty of Nature in one shot

Photo: © tdloader