18 Astonishing Photos For Those Who Love The Wild Side Of This World

The more an object is unique the more valuable and appreciated it becomes! So tell us yourself how valuable the Solar Eclipse is, or the white-bearded Agama, lycopene-deprived watermelons, or the dog holding an elephant on its back.

There are actually lots of wild and at the same time unique phenomena in this world that never stop to amaze us.

This post is dedicated to all the uncommon and unique phenomena that are found from the different parts of the world and surprise with their individuality.

#1. The melting piano at Fisketorvet in Copenhagen

Photo: © RasPlaRo

#2. The fallen tree has shaped a dog head

Photo: © FlakyPair

#3. The sweetest Charmander pancake

Photo: © supersweetchin

#4. The solar eclipse this morning in Ontario, Canada!

Photo: © ingrisen

#6. “My kid’s swim diaper has “worst results” care instructions”

Photo: © K0NFUSION

#7. A weed growing in this shovel handle

Photo: © MazieUlibarri

#8. Can you see a face here too?

Photo: © Atalanta8

#19. What happens when you leave a kiwi on your desk for more than a year

Photo: © theskinwearein

#10. Balance is power

Photo: © Scrubhun20352

#11. Yellow watermelons don’t contain lycopene, so they never take on a reddish color.

Photo: © cygnusx8

#12. Couples that poop together, stay together

Photo: © WEL5H

#13. The hat of nature

Photo: © knockatize

#14. “This dragonfly landed on my dragonfly tattoo”

Photo: © booyakomasa

#15. An elephant or a dog?

Photo: © Empty-Number-3029

#16. An incredible Keyboard with an ocean wrist rest

Photo: © carrota1

#17. White-bearded agama

Photo: © CreepingXxstoryX

#18. “My Ootheca hatched today. Say hello to my 300 Praying Mantis babies.”

Photo: © Srainz4