18 Astonishing And Informative Photos That Probably No One Has Seen Before

The human being noticed and sees things that are close to or near them. But sometimes the most astonishing phenomena are unfortunately far from human’s sight and can remain unknown and unnoticed for ages. Like the naturally mummified remains discovered along the arid Atacama desert coast in Chile, dating back to around 7020 BC, or the skull of a large African Spadefish, or the oldest (188 years old) known living terrestrial animal in the world.

These 18 photos will not remain unknown to our readers because some curious users decided to share them and we at Modern Mood have compiled the most astonishing and interesting ones for you!

Check out these captivating and informative images and be prepared to be wowed at least 18 times.

#1. Naturally mummified remains discovered along the arid Atacama desert coast in Chile, dating to around 7,020 BC

Photo: © ShalondaGoodreau

#2. The ice on Lake Baikal is so clear you can see the person and the car right through it.

Photo: © SunCloud-777

#3. Striking leaf decay pattern

Photo: © Sinisterkid1992

#4. Cactus can grow so big that souls can live in there

Photo: © Inside_Maximum7214

#5. Beehive inhabits the power distribution box.

Photo: © mebassam

#6. Interestingly enough, the misshaped iris didn’t cause any vision problems

Photo: © BucksIn6ix9ine

#7. The skull of a large African Spadefish

Photo: © eduardvld

#8. Incredible supercell in Wyoming, USA

Photo: © ChristeenMenzies

#9. The Agama rock lizard (spiderman lizard). Guess what, Peter Parker is an African in disguise

Photo: © putree

#10. Swamp sculptures made of mud and algae, by French sculptor Sophie Prestigiacomo

Photo: © Danilaa25

#11.  Jonathan is the oldest-known living terrestrial animal in the world

Photo: © KaleBrecht

#12. Huge Thunder hitting the city.

#13. The real size of Moai Stones. The average height of the moʻai is about 4 m, with the average width at the base around 1.6 m

Photo: © TruStoryz

#14. Sumeru Temple in Bangkok, Thailand.

Photo: © K4Kerala

#15. The hand of a koala

Photo: © verdachteaugurk

#16.Frozen rock looks like a heart.

#17. If Napoleon were a politician in the modern-day

Photo: © Coffee-ly

#18. Robin made a nest in a flower pot. How adorable is that?

Photo: © djs31