18 Amazingly Wild Findings By People That Are So Rare They Made Our Eyes Rounder

Curiosity killed the cat, but the “cat” wouldn’t even know how incredible this world is and how many secrets it holds if it weren’t so curious. So we are forever thankful for curious people who find some really wild things and share them with others too. This way we learn about for example the parasitic shark that attaches itself to larger fish and marine mammals and is able to inflict severe damage to the skin and tissue resulting in a melon-baller type of wound.

If you are also curious about such interesting information then scroll down to see the photos we have compiled below.

#1. A photo of a painting of a painter watching a painting of a painter inside a painting while painting a painter painting

Photo: © as1r0_

#2. The Pencil Store In Tehran, Iran

Photo: © aaaronbrown

#3. Hickory horned devil, the caterpillar of the regal moth

Photo: © KimCureAll

#4. Incredible mushroom rock in Tamanrasset, Algeria, shaped by wind erosion

Photo: © eskylabs

#5. The effects of the heatwave in France

Photo: © Tib3t

#6. Opalescent Glass Statuette made in 1925 by Rene Lalique. It is 8¾ inches tall.

Photo: © SonOfQuora

#7. A freeway in Kuwait after a drastic sandstorm

Photo: © xaleh

#8. A sea full of starfish in Galápagos Island

Photo: © elisem0rg

#9. The mesmerizing teeth of the Emerald tree Boa

Photo: © GameSnake

#10. Due to osmosis and wet soil, Hydnellum Peckii fungus can drop water with a red pigment on its top, making it look like it’s bleeding.

Photo: © Rapaguayaba

#11. You can swim between North America and Europe in The Silfra fissure in Iceland.

Photo: © Gavin_beast13

#12. A Mammoth Frozen in Ice, Waiting to Be Revealed

Photo: © ThatHistoryGuy94

#13. Spider webs cover an Australian town. They are “ballooning” as a way of escaping a flood.

Photo: © AluminiumAlien

#14. The cookie-cutter shark is a parasitic shark that attaches itself to larger fish and marine mammals, like the dolphin in the photo

Photo: © KimCureAll

#15. Topography of Africa

Photo: © MohanBhargava

#16. Sewing Book, 1833 – Ireland. This very rare needlework and sewing training book contain fabric samples of sewing, embroidery, knitting, and miniature clothing.

Photo: © chaosphile59

#17. An ant trying to take down a flying wasp.

Photo: © Notiness

#18. Buried easter island moai statue devoid of weathering shows detailed carvings

Photo: © StickyNode

#19. Saber-toothed Tiger skeleton

Photo: © Im_Blind_And_Deaf

#20. A frozen car wash in Round Rock, TX.

Photo: © SickNumbles

#Bonus: Just busy doing some koawality filming!

Photo: © Emmakayy