18 Amazing Vintage Findings That Will Make The Thrift Store Your Favorite Place

Many people adore finding and collecting vintage furniture, and these are people whom we envy the most because they manage to buy the best and the coolest pieces. However, they don’t go to the luxury furniture stores to find exquisite stuff but rather search for them in local thrift stores or the Facebook marketplace.

You will be even more jealous if you know these amazing pieces are sometimes obtained for less than 20 dollars. Here are 18 photos to make the thrift store your favorite place to stroll around.

Keep on scrolling to see the photos and share your latest best finding too!

#1. This piece is fantastic. See, now that’s the proper way to photograph a mirror.

Photo: © drdjt

#2. This is the most adorable vintage mirror we’ve seen in a while

Photo: © champion-chen

#3. The puppy obviously approves of this cute coffee table

Photo: © sadmombod

#4. People find absolutely amazing pieces. This one is worth 20$

Photo: © TheCaffeinatedHoney

#5. This vintage decor umbrella silently tells them she is super cute

Photo: © Classicvintage3

#6. Such cool findings officially make you a thrifter

Photo: © BottlezSleepyHead

#7. This gives such groovy vibes

Photo: © goodjujuonly

#8. We are jealous of what this amazing old Magic Chef Stove/Oven combo looks

Photo: © Jester-is-clever

#9. Let’s vote if she should get this piece or not

Photo: © ettuceown

#10. Can you believe this early 1900’s Victrola was thrifted for $11?

Photo: © Clouds_vintage_Home

#11. Whoever got this womb chair is a lucky one

Photo: © spongeboi-me-bob

#12. How adorable is this vintage mushroom footstool/ottoman?

Photo: © Curly-haired-one

#13. Simply gorgeous. What do you think?

Photo: © fayrooz_eljazwy

#14. Comfy and beautiful. Vintage furniture is the best.

Photo: © redsourpatchkidz

#15. Old Italian mirror, little chair, and lamp… everything less than €20! Cleo approves

Photo: ©

#16. The most adorable frames can be found only at antique markets

Photo: © lhaagillustrations

#17. This chair from 1892 is a work of art.

Photo: © RayPwissel

#18. And this cool stone lampshade says: “Let there be light.”

Photo: © eper-kahn