18 Amazing Photos About The Incredibility Of Ordinary Things

We human beings tend to go to the furthest corners of this world to find the most amazing things, creatures, and phenomena.  But sometimes all the amazingness, incredibility, and the power to impress and surprise us are hidden in the most ordinary things right next to us.

To show you the most wonderful, surprising, and interesting things around us our team at Modern Mood has prepared a collection of 18 photos that show how incredible the objects close to us and the surrounding world, in general, can be.

Scroll down to see the photos and tell us what the most surprisingly interesting thing you’ve recently found was!

#1. Who was the witch?

Photo: © NuclearEnt

#2. A collection of shark teeth

Photo: © HopieJewell

#3. This nail polish comes with a swatch built into the cap

Photo: © chemistrybro

#4. This plane is split into star wars factions


#5. A frog’s visit on the car

Photo: © SethRogen-Not

#6. A swirly dandelion

Photo: © Golden_Snail_DK

#7. There’s an old woman’s face in her belly button

Photo: © taykaybo

#8. Lactic flavored milky soda in Hong Kong. Yes, it tastes weird.

Photo: © uwontlikethis

#9. This piano from 1885 has a hidden pop-out candle holder

Photo: © kermityfrog

#10. “The phone in my hotel room has, both, Pizza Hut and Domino’s on speed dial.”

Photo: © cougar_trap

#11. The sand in Tahoe is magnetic

Photo: © bopete1313

#12. This bracelet started picking up all of the iron from the sand

Photo: © DragonFawns

#13. This bird poo looks like some limbless horror figure

Photo: © scienex

#14. A stick or a sword?

Photo: © haxdds

#15. Kar Go the UK’s first autonomous delivery vehicle was seen out in London

Photo: © Maggotthatcher

#16. A Wallet with Fry laser etched

Photo: © Adklo

#17. Coconut water sold in the coconut itself with an eco-friendly ring-pull

Photo: © lostsawyer2000

#18. Have you ever seen Reindeer lips?

Photo: © Fiery_Hand