18 Amazing Hand-crafted Stuff By Talented People Making Us Jealous Of Their Creativity

Over time, we become more convinced that a human is indeed a worthy competitor to nature because sometimes the human mind imagines the unimaginable, explains the inexplicable, and creates the incredible. The greatest masterpieces in high art, fashion, and architecture of all times serve as the loudest proof. But when people get creative on a daily basis, that’s a whole new level of craftsmanship.

We at Modern Mood have compiled a fantastic collection of hand-crafted objects by ordinary but super-talented people that will make you wonder how they even get so creative.

Scroll down and share your hand-crafted stuff in the comments too, and let’s see who is the most creative among our readers.

#1. A cool Dragon journal made with polymer clay, glass, and acrylic paint.

Photo: © Les_Nadises

#2. A cute floral comb made of polymer clay

Photo: © flybunnysuccs

#3.This reminds me of Maillardet’s Automaton

Photo: © bejamin-franklin

#4. Maybe this teddy bear hat can make him look happier

Photo: © valmaee

#5. The underwater effect makes it look like it’s really swimming

Photo: © Jamar58

#6. A reminder not to throw the oldies into the trash

Photo: © Poke4Ever10

#7. In love with how this turned out.

Photo: © cmfiorini

#8. A cool embroidery made by using a range of mixed embroidery yarn, wool, beads, and ribbon.

Photo: © firststitch_

#9. Cutting board made for poker nights!

Photo: © TYTEN_Designs

#10. How do people get so creative?

Photo: © InformalDurians

#11. The most incredible little town ever

Photo: © miremo2

#12. Excellent job, so creative! An alien abducting some cows

Photo: © Gregg-Daniels

#13. Ooak poseable doll – Banderbear (The Edge Chronicles). So impressive!

Photo: © InkyPunkArt

#14. A Spartan knife holder and custom knife scales. Babinga for the handles with brass pins. Spartan is Maple, Padauk, and Walnut.

Photo: © LedZeppelinRiff

#15. The fantastic piece with watercolor

Photo: © panisdrawing2000

#16. Sweet carved hooters

Photo: © AndTheeeen

#17. The coolest backgammon board out of preserved ferns

Photo: © nukulele145

#18. Celebrating cake day by shamelessly showing off this brand new sculpture!

Photo: © caseybinler