18 Amazing Furniture Designs That Made Woodworking One Of The Coolest Arts

Designing an interior could be very exciting and satisfying…for those who already who what they want. And it doesn’t depend on the fact of how much money you have if you have an eye for cool things you will always find style even in the cheapest things.

Let’s admit cool and unique furniture can change the whole room with just their presence. Our team has compiled some really outstanding designs that will probably make you jealous of their owners. So just keep on scrolling to see the collection of 18 photos and a bonus and tell us which piece you’d like to own.

#1. This is very creatively made and very comfortable

Photo: © bernandive

#2. A cool Chessboard with a twist

Photo: © PonderSquirrel

#3. How unique is this reef coffee table?

Photo: © Shned_neeblay

#4. A cool double dog kennel!

Photo: © TonymElkin

#5. A welded screen door

Photo: © unknown

#6. Epoxy River Couch arm table. Cypress and maple.

Photo: © tercelkisor

#7. Vinyl record collection DIY full-wall shelving. 15mm steel tubing and 9mm birch plywood.

Photo: © MrFurther

#8. Bookcase goals

Photo: © kingoptimo1

#9. So cool! A plywood rocker

Photo: © smurtle-the-turtle

#10. This couch must be very comfy too!

Photo: © Educational-Train-92

#11. A door stopper made of Sapele specially made for GOT fans

Photo: © Chris-Powell

#12. A bunk bed I built for my daughter’s 5th birthday

Photo: © Foolishcoyote

#13. Made this display table for some of my trees

Photo: © WhitishHornet

#14. How amazing is this one?

Photo: © woodworker40

#15. An incredible Floating Lamp

Photo: © Maniac222

#16. Tucano Coffee Table by Duna Design

Photo: © Ohad22

#17. An old piano to a bookcase using the lid as back

Photo: © -cakestar

#18. A 600 LED programmable infinity mirror coffee table!

Photo: © Procupine

#Bonus: Woodworking is art

Photo: © Ruvidman