18 Adorable Animals As A Daily Dose Of Feel-good Hormone To Cheer You Up

Have you smiled today? It has been proven that the interaction between human beings and their pets increases the level of oxytocin hormone and even the smallest petting of a dog can become a real stress reliever for us. That’s why we’re always happy and we smile when we see a cute animal or are around them.

So to bring you the daily dose of the feel-good hormone, our team has prepared a hearty collection of adorable animals that will definitely make you smile.

#1. A super cute sweetheart to brighten your day

Photo: © Kroom_208_yt

#2. He thinks we can’t see him

Photo: © SeaworthinessJumpy95

#3. Look at these ears and the serious look

Photo: © Sad-Thanks1726

#4. Why are you taking my photos?

Photo: © AirbornePapi66

#5. He’s feeling the same way as we do about Mondays

Photo: © iluvpotatas

#6. I swear he poses for the camera sometimes

Photo: © Desperadouzz

#7. Doesn’t this derp make you just smile?

Photo: © hambonejamboree_

#8. “Huh? I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’ve never seen that thing before…”

Photo: © Tcujo

#9. The sweetest friend you could ask for

Photo: © WhiskyandCoffee

#10. Love it when cats have no idea how hilarious they look when they do stuff like this.

Photo: © kee-mosabe

#11. He is judging you so hard right now

Photo: © W1ndyC1tyFlyer

#12. This gracious pregnant creature is amazing

Photo: © pkmnmasterkay

#13. Derp moment right before a zoomie

Photo: © nomorefaces

#14. OMG, who’s just fainted because of these pretty ears?

Photo: © HarmfulResurgence

#15. Double trouble, but sweet, oh, so sweet

Photo: © jthosch

#16. That one tooth is so funny

Photo: © Fluke_Thighwalker

#17. The most adorable trio of Serval kits

Photo: © StcStasi

#18. Who’s the loveliest emoji?

Photo: © OffensiveandLoud