18 Adorable And Funny Animals As Little Pieces Of Happiness To Brighten Your Day

What do you need to be cheered up, a cup of hot chocolate, a cozy evening with a cool movie to watch, or just a four-legged companion to act super derpy? Obviously, those who have an animal at home need nothing more than their joyful presence. We are not sure what exactly they do with us, but there’s a feeling of happiness and increasing joy whenever we see these creatures.

So just prepare a cup of hot chocolate, make yourself comfortable and check out this collection of 18 pieces of happiness.

#1. Found the one that’s guilty of emptying the fridge

Photo: © lostspaceqveen

#2. when you fart and frighten yourself.

Photo: © kimboe313

#3. What a good behaving dog looks like

Photo: © DogsTrippingOnAcid

#4. He is a real-life meme

Photo: © Hektick123

#5. My boys got some quirks…

Photo: © Rickster2540

#6. She is beauty, and she is grace.

Photo: © /Jcarrxo

#7. Beau doesn’t like to be disturbed from his nap

Photo: © yat_mom

#8. Steamed a loaf of bread in this towel, put it on the dogs head, and sat like this for 5 minutes

Photo: © the_smush_push

#9. Would you believe these two are best friends? They are just playing, but they look so fierce

Photo: © hidieho74

#10. My goofy little doggo when she gets belly rubs

Photo: © Imaginary_Leopard_78

#11. The sun is a magnet to weird behavior

Photo: © TheLuxuriousApostle

#12. Just my Great Dane is a Great Dane

Photo: © vinkulelu

#13. Alfie wanted to be in the image as well

Photo: © young_filmmaker

#14. What has happened to him?

Photo: © flatulentbabushka

#15. Who else can relate?

Photo: © laostylznc

#16. BEHOLD the wonder that is Hondo!

Photo: © stankyp17

#17. What you actually look like when you sleep

Photo: © pcswan96

#18. The best thing to come out of our family Christmas pictures

Photo: © jg1245