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18 Absurd Metro Looks That Are So Crazy People Take The Metro For Them

If you are looking for exciting experiences and vivid impressions, there is no need to go far; the metro is exactly the perfect spot for live runway shows and performances. You will find people of different professions, a number of movie and cartoon characters, and a gallery of impressive images and paintings.

The metro-style display is our favorite topic for compiling a collection. So we’ve prepared 18 crazy photos from the subway to fill your day with a portion of creativity and fun. Let’s see the images.

#1. Metro is the only place you will meet the human version of a lion at

Photo: © Alexshov

#2. When the king of Thailand goes to work by metro like an ordinary citizen

Photo: © Kilxxx

#3. Beware! Werewolf on the tube.

Photo: © Unknown

#4. Metrocard Man at the opening of 34th/Hudson Yards station

Photo: © rr4242

#5. The cartoon girl in the real world

Photo: © BESSoff

#6. This new season of bunny girl senpai is trying to touch all bases.

Photo: © Satarn_27

#7. When will we get sober again, Katy?

Photo: © MonsterBoss

#8. Science project?

Photo: © brotherbrother99

#9. This looks oddly hot

Photo: © Yeeslander

#10. Monday morning…

Photo: © cfljdjl2022

#11. Someone is getting too comfortable

Photo: © PerformanceSmooth251

#12. Excuse me, miss, are you comfortable?

Photo: © YanniFromPakistanni

#13. A fluffy creature with a good sense of style

Photo: © Fluffy creature with a good style

#14. When you see the prices of masks

Photo: © Kilxxx

#15. “Vampires have a lot of respect for owls…”

Photo: © ongodreadin

#16. Casual day on the London Underground

Photo: © s1naba

#17. No love story is ever the same

Photo: © anastasiakoyushe

#18. What happens in the metro will always stay inside the metro…

Photo: © Neddlog