18 Absolutely Unusual Objects That Are Not So Unusual In Alternate Realities

It would be fun to think about parallel realities, alternate worlds, and universes where everything differs from what is normal and usual for us. For example, the seas could be the skies in other worlds, apples wouldn’t be fruits, and all colors and shapes would be mixed into entirely different things. We can imagine whatever our mind allows us to, but we can also look through some real examples of stuff, objects, and phenomena that look exactly like they are coming from another world. We have prepared 18 photos that will take you on a virtual tour to elsewhere. So prepare yourself to see some really fascinating and unusual stuff.

#1. There was a billiard ball inside of my bocce ball

Photo: © TheRealPinballWizard

#2. It’s weird how something this creative can be so creepy

Photo: © Acrobatic_Paper_7264

#3. The philippine 1000 peso banknote is quite cool

Photo: © Empty_Ad4768

#4. I feel like I can SMELL the chlorine while sleeping

Photo: © Ok-Practice-5864

#5. Need a regular banana for scale.

Photo: © ma_nowana_mama

#6. “Give me a hand.”

Photo: © DioBrando104

#7. Ice cubes or thick glass lenses?

Photo: © p1ng74

#8. These salt & pepper pots are inseparable

Photo: © /anamygdala

#9. My cat has 26 toes (18 is normal, 28 is WR)

Photo: © MajorZimbabwe

#10. Playing a duet would be uncomfortable, though

Photo: © StayClassyRed

#11. Fleshy handsome Squirtle

Photo: © fyzbit

#12. This log with coins couldn’t bear the heaviness

Photo: © diggydillons

#13. Justice in Paradise

Photo: © /markydsade

#14. A stained glass window hanging in a forest in Belgium

Photo: © ResonancePhotographr

#15. This big cat bus is for big cat tours.

Photo: © hashtagmiata

#16. Fresh wolf print while lost in Denali, Alaska

Photo: © popebologna

#17. The most creative tissue Box we’ve come across recently

Photo: © yousifucv

#18. Surprisingly enough, this burn on my finger doesn’t get dirty

Photo: © Philly_cheapskate