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18 Absolutely Massive Objects Showing What It Feels Like To Be Mel Hunter In The World of Giants

The famous 60s TV Show named the World of Giants where the hero, the American agent, was reduced to six inches in height in order to expose criminal organizations seemed so unrealistic at that time.

We, of course, are not part of such experiments yet to be reduced in size, but that is how we feel when we come across massive stuff, objects and phenomena around us.

This collection of incredibly massive objects that we compiled in today’s article is precisely what it feels like to be Mel Hunter in the World of Giants. Scroll down to see the photos and tell us what they make you feel.

#1. 14,000 pound cast iron skillet.

Photo: © ypoboxer

#2. Giant Freshwater Stingray. This 13+ foot specimen was caught in the Mekong River in Cambodia.

Photo: © conradicalsmith108

#3. A giant banana, that’s it.

Photo: © jozews321

#4. Now you can begin the Hunter exam

Photo: © B-L-O-C-K-S

#5. The Drinker of water

Photo: © regian24

#6. Absolute unit of a sheep in Goulburn, Australia – 5’11

Photo: © charles7tang

#7. Such a fat fluffball

Photo: © regian24

#8. Who’s ordered an extra-large bunny?

Photo: © j3ffr33d0m

#9. Truly a unit.

Photo: © thatlonghaircouple

#10. This bull on the side of the road in Arizona was bigger than my car

Photo: © wthom4s

#11. Large cucumbers full of vitamins

Photo: © AristonD

#12. This frog’s been working out

Photo: © thisthomas

#13. Extinct Megalodon Shark Tooth Vs. Great White Shark Tooth

Photo: © extracheeseytoasty

#14. Box Lacrosse goalies are absolute units.

Photo: © BigSassy_121

#15. A Monster Radish to make you feel small

Photo: © kiranJshah

#16. Garfield, after he was famous

Photo: © goatishrust

#17. The truest unit of a gecko

Photo: © greenmanbruh1

#18. “Shrek” (1994-2011) was a Merino Sheep from New Zealand. He escaped and avoided shearing for six years by hiding in a cave

Photo: © regian24