17 Photos You Should Definitely See When You Are Not In The Moods

Even though the world is going crazy and everything in life seems like falling apart, there are tiny things in our daily life that can make us smile and help us cope in the most challenging times.

So, instead of embracing your sadness, we at Modern Mood suggest a simple way to cheer you up and draw a wide smile on your face. That is why we have compiled this collection with 17 heartwarming photos of animals that will surely change your mood from dark to light.

After all, animals are of the few that can make us smile, right? Scroll down to see the compilation, and thank us later.

#1. The zookeeper and her unreleasable rehab

Photo: © Mourning_Gecko

#2. Having him means having hundreds of selfies on the phone

Photo: © MarieTheGayClown

#3. “These are not the birds I was looking for.”

Photo: © 88T3

#4. “I have to go now. My planet needs me.”


#5. The underage driver falls asleep at the wheel.

Photo: © grichardson526

#6. My parents are getting married, and we’re allowed to bring our dog. An excuse to buy this.

Photo: © AngryScottishBurd89

#7. Look how handsome this man is

Photo: © Queennnnie

#9. Flamingos in St Petersburg, Florida, are being sheltered in restrooms

Photo: © fhghnfdsfg

#10. Who says five months is not a long period?

Photo: © tim_drozd

#11. Proof that a dress and a wig can make you a supermodel.

Photo: © SchrodingersNutsack

#12. Be aware of the dog

Photo: © Elih-Gamer296

#13. This sweet girl is also a wild monster

Photo: © Klamsykrawl

#14. A dog that looks like the kid named finger

Photo: © KazookiTV

#15. This is June. She ended up in emergency yesterday for 400 dollars, and many tests later, they’ve determined she’s just upset cause of her heat. She’s not sorry.

Photo: © Additional-Truck-256

#16. The Boy’s gang is off to something

Photo: © freddyadopojc

#17. Uncle’s bearded cat is here again. This baby face is a freaking treasure.

Photo: © Lovely_Sarah6509