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17 Informative Photographs From The Past That Reveal New Facets Of History

Historical photographs are a window into the past, giving us a glimpse of what life was like in a different time and place. They allow us to see things that might have been overlooked in textbooks and encyclopedias, and they provide a unique perspective on historical events and figures.

One of the most interesting things about historical photographs is how they can challenge our preconceptions and assumptions about the past. They can reveal unexpected details and show us that things were not always as they seemed. For example, a photograph of a group of suffragettes marching in a parade can give us a sense of the energy and determination of the movement, while a photograph of a factory worker from the early 20th century can give us a sense of the harsh conditions and long hours that many people had to endure. Another thing to consider when looking at historical photographs is how much has changed since the photograph was taken. It’s incredible to see how much the world has transformed since that time. For example, a photograph of the streets of New York City in the early 20th century shows horse-drawn carriages and gas lamps, while today the streets are filled with cars and electric lights.

In conclusion, historical photographs are a valuable tool for understanding the past and the world we live in. They can provide a unique perspective on historical events and figures, challenge our preconceptions and assumptions, and show us how much the world has changed over time.

1. Actress Veronica Lake with her hair twisted in a drill press, demonstrating potential dangers to women in factories during WWII, November 9, 1943.

2. 1919: On this day, crowds in London observe the very first 2-minute silence for those killed in the Great War. The men have removed their hats out of respect for the fallen. (Colorized)

3. A twelve-year-old Bill Clinton with his tenor saxophone. 1958/1959.

4. Church Council fathers with their secretaries leaving St Peters Basilica during the Second Vatican Council, 1962-1965

5. Peasant girls with berries in a village near Vologda, Russian Empire. Photo by Prokudin-Gorsky, 1909.

6. Polaroid chief chemist Howard G Rogers and unidentified others as they pose with 5,000 bottles of chemical compounds used to discover the Polaroid color film process, 1963

7. Paris in 1890

8. Grozny, Chechnya in 1999. UN called it “the most destroyed city on earth”

9. Renowned conservationist, animal painter, and biologist Carl Akeley with a leopard that attacked him, which he killed with his bare hands, in 1896.

10. On April 29, 1975, people try to scale the 14-foot wall of the U.S. Embassy in Saigon, to reach evacuation helicopters, as the last Americans depart from Vietnam.

11. A police officer issuing a woman a ticket for wearing a bikini on an Italian beach, 1957. At the time the bikini was banned from beaches and public places on the French Atlantic coastline, Spain, Italy, and Portugal.

12. The first-ever Mickey Mouse balloon was designed with the help of Walt Disney himself in 1934 for the New York City Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade

13. A German Woman who fell in love with a Polish POV being publically humiliated by being put into a medieval pillory, 19. September 1940

14. Albert Einstein at 5 years old. Munich, 1884.

15. A portrait of Queen Elizabeth II is removed from the British Forces headquarters in Hong Kong in preparation for the handover of the territory back to China – in 1997

16. Women of Afghanistan, Kabul, 1985.

17. Grand Central Terminal, New York City, October 1941

18. British soldiers with captured German Goliath remote-controlled demolition vehicles (1944)

19. Donald Trump, Marla Maples, and players during “Hoop-La” Basketball Tournament to Benefit The Special Olympics – June 25, 1992

20. King Charles III in the Royal Navy during the 1970s