17 Exciting Photos From Around The World

If you’re tired and bored from your ordinary daily routine, life always has something unique prepared. There are so many wonders in this world that going after them will keep you intrigued for a really long period of time. Let’s start with this collection.

We at Modern Mood have prepared a captivating collection of 17 photos that will keep you amazed by the greatness of this world. Scroll down to see the photos and share with us the most recent thing you think was exciting too.

1. This statue in National Harbor, Maryland, needs a bigger leaf to cover things.


2. Inside the crab is a little you, sitting at a table eating an oyster

Photo: © Skybosh

3. At first, we thought there was a piercing in the hand

Photo: © piotrdanielcom

4. This deer did the best she could to have a roof over her head

Photo: © OofOofOofgang

5. This kid was born with an “extra” finger

Photo: ©. Ericmolzahn

6. Yes, it’s just an arrow. Just an arrow!

Photo: © uncle_russell_90

7. They have lights pointed at the ceiling, making the floor look like rippling water.

Photo: © Crossposted 

8. In the middle of a hiking trail…hopefully, it doesn’t play at night

Photo: © TheBipolarExpresss

9. The ceiling on this walk-in freezer indicates there’s an air leak somewhere.

Photo: ©  golden_an

10. We’ll be impressed if anyone can read this.

Photo: © 500percentDone

11. This chip from a machine looks like it belongs in a stainless steel briefcase as part of a heist movie.

Photo: © jerrycakes

12. A grape or a pumpkin?

Photo: © Appropriate_Stable_2

13. Organized by height

Photo: © unknownuchiha

14. This knife stopped a piece of shrapnel in Ukraine.

Photo: © ElderMagnuS

15. A mass grave of pokemon cards at the bus stop

Photo: © gkpetrescue

16. The leaves are changing exactly where the morning sun, and light hits

Photo: © heavenhimalayatrek

17. This skeleton decoration depicts an animal that does not have a skeleton

Photo: © saltywanker