16 Trashy Situations People Found Themselves In That Tell What Happens When Luck Abandons You

Bad days are for humans, just like the good ones. Even if we try hard to resist, there are always days when luck seems to turn its back on us, and everything feels like going wrong. And every time this happens, our team is there for you…to collect the photos and crack from laughter. We don’t want to sound rude or impolite, but sometimes, when bad luck happens, there is nothing more left to do but to laugh and be sure that better days will come.

We have compiled 16 photos all about the bad luck that will make you laugh a little before feeling the pain of these people. Scroll down to see the photos and tell us about the trashiest thing that has happened to you recently.

#1. Don’t judge the first attempt at smoking a brisket

Photo: © UNHOLYpuppetboy

#2. These flames say, “You are walking to work.”

Photo: © thegoldenladle

#3. Proud to have paid an extra 35$ to have a window seat

Photo: © jayeshrc

#4. I’d love to sink my water Ferrari and just leave it like this too

Photo: © Eu_Nao_Concordo

#5. Taking a nice quiet ride can never go wrong

Photo: © Teelk3007

#6. This dog got bit by another dog, and it broke our hearts

Photo: © Separate-Fan-6242

#7. He said he was looking forward to switching to the empty window seat

Photo: © _serious__

#8. Sun through the skylight…

Photo: © jordan_chez

#9. Things that prompt you won’t be driving anywhere anytime soon

Photo: © scorchednickel

#10. How my sister returns my laptop after playing Roblox is indeed hurtful

Photo: © krushna1

#11. No power in the neighborhood when it gets a “little” windy.

Photo: © martlet1

#12. Does three and a half make it a positive?

Photo: © woahmrpeeyaah

#13. When Alopecia Areata decides to make a comeback

Photo: © KohanaCat

#14. At least you get free jackfruit

Photo: © americanthaiguy

#15. Things can get completely wrong while on vacation too

Photo: © SmokesCrackHorseman

#16. When your cat decides to share her lunch with you via your headphones

Photo: © Sloshy42