16 Times People Were Super Unlucky With Hairstyles That Even Hiding This Hair In A Hat Won’t Help

Long hair, don’t care. Short hair, don’t care. Terrible hair, all that I can care about. Sometimes people face bad luck, particularly when they want to change hairstyle or go to a new barber.

We know it’s unethical to laugh at people’s bad choices, but we couldn’t help it when compiling this funny collection of ridiculous hairstyles.

Here are 16 photos of terrible styles that people definitely would love to hide under a hat. Scroll down to see the collection that will make your day, by all means.

#1. Woodpecker minus the woody.

Photo: © oljolly

#2. These 2 rule the party

Photo: © Mista_glass

#3. Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you: young Joe Biden

Photo: © thepicham

#4. Pinned the head with this wonderful style

Photo: © M0N0XB00GIE

#5. “Is this a fashionable hairstyle? I have a date tomorrow night and want to surprise her with a haircut.”

Photo: © LiteralTP

#6. Grinch-style hair and hoop earrings…

Photo: © hoop earrings

#7. We can admit that this looks very original

Photo: © x2py

#8. I know I don’t get out much, but when did this type of “hair” become a thing?

Photo: © B-L-O-C-K-S

#9. Summertime sadness

Photo: © Character-Stretch697

#10. Crime Investigation, Australia


#11. Mirror mirror on the wall…

Photo: © ssigea

#12. Like a hairstyle buffet…

Photo: © /Boston__Massacre

#13. Going for that Madusa look

Photo: © Snoo_40410

#14. The hunger games aesthetic seems so feasible now.

Photo: © hibbant

#15. At least she smiles; it means she’s content

Photo: © charlottee963

#16. Do we even need to caption this?

Photo: © Sham_Pain_Renegade