16 Things That Need A Context To Be True Or Else They Are Hard To Believe

Have you ever seen what the hands with Marfan syndrome look like? Or have you ever felt a firefly land on your hand? There are still a million things that we have not experienced in this world and every time we come across one of these million magical things, our hearts fill with enormous warmth and interest in this world.

The truth is that the more we explore the more there is to be explored. That’s why our team at Modern Mood has prepared this impressive collection to remind us how colorful our surrounding world is and how some things need context to be true.

#1. This heirloom tomato slice looks like a brain scan.

Photo: © tafunast

#2. Finding out that my cat potty trained himself

Photo: © tunalemon

#3. This is what Marfan’s syndrome hands look like

Photo: © heyredditone

#4. Has a firefly ever landed on your finger?

Photo: © d416

#5. Fruits and their patters are amazing

Photo: © ASundialWristWatch

#6. This golf ball has been stuck so long, the tree is growing around it.

Photo: © vanvelst

#7. Hummingbird families can make a nest literally anywhere

Photo: © MusclePussy

#8. “The Sun also rises”.

Photo: © starwaterbird

#9. The pain when the rain ruins all your stuff

Photo: © CadeVision

#10. Find the spaghetti already curled for you

Photo: © hewyNutCluster

#11. A cactus that has grown for over 20 years looks like this

Photo: © JoeEFC

#12. The rock and the tree. Now we need scissors to complete the holy trinity

Photo: © coffeegrounds42

#13. The model in the biology textbook has a tattoo

Photo: © Qqqsc

#14. One of the boats found from Lake mead sinking.

Photo: © the-mailman38

#15. A very cool old school headstone.

Photo: © AngleDAB

#16. The amount of people who must’ve stubbed their toe on that pigeon statue…

Photo: © TheJedibugs