16 Satisfyingly Symmetric Photos That Are So Beautiful They Are The Dream For Any Perfectionist

People will always strive for perfection. Perfection is the quality of being perfect or the action or process of improving something until it is faultless. Even though it’s hard or, in some cases, impossible to reach perfection, some things are born that way. Symmetry in objects creates perfection and eventually harmony.

Our team at Modern Mood has come across some really symmetric stuff that is too alluring to pass by indifferently. Sizes, colors, and textures. All of them are oddly satisfying and pleasing to the eye.

Scroll down to check out the most beautiful things compiled in this post that are indeed the dream of any perfectionist.

#1. Not one vehicle crossing the road marker in Mizoram, India.

Photo: © MAK5511

#2. Perfectly sliced fruits

Photo: © mikihak

#3. The perfect 4th of July shot.

Photo: © dino0509

#4. Wave splash can be a perfection too.

Photo: © Boojibs

#5. These fresh tracks in the sand are so oddly satisfying

Photo: © eldersveld

#6. Butter Nautilus accidentally made

Photo: © G_Mahler

#7. These wine glasses are perfectly aligned

Photo: © scot816

#8. Reflection photography. The perfect timing

Photo: © Fluid-Daydreamer

#9. Comfort Town housing development in Kyiv, Ukraine. A palette of color over a Soviet-era district.

Photo: © J_LeVeL

#10. This visual of how much Copper is extracted from a mine is satisfying

Photo: © tobago_88

#11. Whoever you are, good sir, thank you for serving our cause

Photo: © a_yassine

#12. The colors of this vine are so satisfying

Photo: © tandyman234

#13. The Fibonacci Flower is pure perfection

Photo: © Easygrowing.’

#14. Paint in the sunlight creates harmony

Photo: © alternateartreality

#15. The calm before the storm

Photo: © Palifaith

#16. The reflection of buildings on the water paddled. How impressive is this pic?

Photo: © SAM041287