16 Photos Telling An Exciting Story And Making This World More Interesting

There’s a famous saying that curiosity killed the cat, but we can’t be incurious about all the interesting events happening around us. If curiosity is going to kill us, then let it be so because we can’t stop searching for new experiences, adventures, and discoveries about our world.

Sometimes we miss the most interesting stuff that’s going on near us, that’s why our team at Modern Mood is always in search of exciting things to share with our readers. We have prepared a list of thrilling things and phenomena that you’ll surely appreciate.

Scroll down to see the post and take a deep breath before saying: “This world is amazing”.

#1. Cane toads ride a python to escape rising flood waters in Australia

Photo: © Rattlesnake_Mullet

#2. An optical illusion made by Akiyoshi Kitaoka. You can even see the eyes if you quickly scroll up and down.

Photo: © /johnwick369

#3. 75-years-old crocodile Babiya, who lived in Sri Anantha Padmanabha Swamy Temple’s lake, Kerala, India, ate naivedyam (only vegetarian) twice a day. He was also regarded as the guardian of the Temple.

Photo: © FloraLover123

#4. Artwork – The Magdeburg Unicorn after sketches by Otto von Geuricke 1639

Photo: © metroscope

#5. African-Indians, Indians of African origin. There are at least 20,000 African-origin ethnic tribes who have been living in India for centuries.

Photo: © asianlegends

#6. The world map in the clouds

Photo: © DeadRedBoah

#7. This is a stack of 32 shots over 40 minutes during a lightning storm in Kuala Lumpur.

Photo: © padmanabhapillai

#8. San Francisco Street, known as “The Mushroom Street,” is in the traditional center of Alicante, Spain.

Photo: © GoodMorningib

#9. Lesson from a palm tree: keep on growing even if you’ve fallen

Photo: © Bomber_Sam

#10. The world inside a modern Steinway Grand Piano

Photo: © CharlesBrooks

#11. Hornet’s nest is a forbidden piñata!!

Photo: © Jorrozz

#12. Rheum nobile is a giant herbaceous plant native to the Himalaya. It is an extraordinary species of rhubarb, and at 1–2 m tall, the monocarpic inflorescences tower above the other shrubs and low herbs in its habitat

Photo: © iamgulshansingh

#13. The Uniquely Beautiful Sloping Green Roof of Nanyang Technological University

Photo: © SunCloud-777

#14. A giant Eagle was seen in Brownsville, Texas

Photo: © TheNutCracked

#15. The ceiling of a small tower-like chapel in Ejmiatsin, Armenia

Photo: © RefrigeratorNice3151

#16. Josh Brolin on the set of Avengers infinity war (2018)

Photo: © Nickleo02300