16 Mysterious Photos Of Abandoned Places Displaying The Mighty Power Of Time And The History It Creates.

Abandoned buildings have a magical feeling about them and always attract those intrigued by their mystery. It’s really exciting to learn the story of places that once were filled with the presence of life and eventually stand-alone now. Some are located in the middle of a forest and proved to be of no use; some may have been a hotel that no longer served its purpose, the reasons are many, but one thing unites them all – the mystery.

Our team has selected 16 spooky but mysterious photos of abandoned places to make you feel the power of time and the history it creates. Scroll down to see the full collection.

#1. An artistically stacked set of old VHS tapes inside an abandoned mansion, Australia

Photo: © abandonedaustralia

#2. An abandoned House in Cottage Country of Ontario, Canada

Photo: © RiddimRyder

#3. The spooky forgotten treehouse in Redmond, Washington

Photo: © sausagespolish

#4. The infamous Ghost Tower, Bangkok, a bath for the spirits

Photo: © diznax

#5. Abandoned Vauxhall Wyvern, produced in the late 40s until the late 50s

Photo: © explorationofdecay

#6. The old Soviet Union has some incredible abandoned stuff throughout their country over the years. The Ghost of Baikonur, Kazakhstan

Photo: © /sausagespolish

#7. Abandoned £12m Estate That Was Owned By An Earl Living On Welfare

Photo: © Glubbbb

#8. Mother Nature is slowly devouring this abandoned stone cottage in the Irish countryside.

Photo: © unknown

#9. This House is Screaming Nooo

Photo: © Freaktography

#10. Bodie a ghost town on the California/Nevada border.

Photo: © dr–moreau

#11. A beautiful structure. Abandoned Palace in Bundi, India

Photo: © royalbluesword

#12. Hanging Train Tracks in Jerzmanice-Zdrój, Poland

Photo: © /sausagespolish

#13. An abandoned cell at the Missouri State Penitentiary that screams, “I’m haunted.”

Photo: © 5_Frog_Margin

#14. Nature reclaiming one of the temples at Prasat Pram, located within the Koh Ker temple complex, Cambodia.

Photo: © truantxoxo

#15. Ksar Nalut is an 11th-century fortified granary located in Nalut District, Libya.

Photo: © SamConstantino9

#16. The architecture is absolutely amazing. Temple of Flora, Villa Ada, Rome.

Photo: © yoruyoru_