16 Mushroom Types That Look Like Enchanted Fungi From Fairy Tales

Mushrooms have been always a mystery for us. There are so many incredible species that it’s even hard to believe they are real. There is a group on Reddit where all the fungi lovers share the most astonishing types of mushrooms that have made it clear to us where the fairy tale characters are inspired from.

There are so many fascinating types of mushrooms you’ll get lost in names while trying to learn about even a little part of them. You definitely don’t need to learn and remember the names of these mushrooms but most probably will be curious about seeing what they look like.

#1. First successful blue oyster grow.

Photo: © he_crazy_Baker419

#2. The Laughing Jim from Australia

Photo: © LanaBunOF

#3. This wooden dog sculpture in the local park got a little mycology make-over

Photo: © LacedBerry

#4. They kinda look like betta fish

Photo: © Charpigefent

#5. Always on the lookout for critters

Photo: © ikingindepth

#6. One of the coolest things we’ve ever seen in Stuttgart, Germany

Photo: © SchindlersKiste

#7. These wavy boys did a bit of growing these past few months

Photo: © SYSADM1N2B

#8. Purple fairy shroom in Simsbury CT

Photo: © Lonelysadpupper

#9. Meanwhile in Appalachia…

Photo: © LoudZoo

#10. Coming from a fairy tale. Amanita muscaria var. flavivolvata (Oregon)

Photo: © no-potential-anymore

#11. This cute little dog is pretty high

Photo: © Safe_Sandwich1564

#12. A happy handful.

Photo: © hycelium

#13. An interesting but probably not very safe finding

Photo: © miss-thc

#14. Beautiful specimen of a chicken of the woods! Gorgeous and bountiful!!

Photo: © jaxc311

#15. Yellow stagshorn looks like a coral

Photo: © seacobs

#16. Glowing fungi. They are called Mycena chlorophos or “green pepe”

Photo: © terra_rasa