16 Mouth-drooling But Forbidden Snacks That Look So Yummy It’s Hard To Resist Them

The term “forbidden snacks” has become a trend and gone viral on the internet, referring to household items that look like edible yummies but are actually too dangerous to consume.

The most painful thing about these forbidden snacks is that they look so mouthwatering you’ll want to eat them all. Our team has a really hard time resisting these snacks, but we do it anyway.

Scroll down to see this yummy collection of 16 stuff that is so pleasing for the eye but will most definitely be harmful to our stomachs. Tell us honestly, which one of these you couldn’t resist?

#1. This forbidden banana is luring us to eat it

Photo: © ThatOneCringeUser

#2. The forbidden assorted chocolates by Jörg Boner have got our mouths drooling

Photo: © c-lab21

#3. It even smells yummy

Photo: © mrZMU

#4. Keeping up with my high fiber diet

Photo: © MyNameGifOreilly

#5. This looks so alluring but don’t dare

Photo: © UglyCowboyJohnT

#6. Orange juice, anyone?

Photo: © Aurobindo-spices

#7. This is insane. Don’t even think about it.

Photo: ©. kinkykat977

#8. They smell good and look so crispy

Photo: © Plethorian

#9. Will you need some meatballs to go with them?

Photo: © blubberducky

#10. We would eat them all.

Photo: © chalkywhite231

#11. Forbidden strawberry slices that say “eat me.”

Photo: © Lifewatching

#12. Car oil flows out like coffee but don’t even think about it

Photo: © animatsdsfsdf

#13. The forbidden cake you’ll want to have at midnight

Photo: © Vape_Newbie_52

#14. Forbidden Fried Chicken, or wait, what?

Photo: © VonsFavoriteChicken

#15. Forbidden slice of Watermelon Tourmaline

Photo: © SynChronNic

#16. This candle is one big raspberry truffle

Photo: © Ginahlk

#Bonus: We could never resist this one

Photo: © Holy-Ratchel