16 Incredibly Desirable Vintage Items That Are So Cool That Made Us Cry To Have Them

They say the new is the long-forgotten old. But vintage is always about the old and the new; in a better word, the old vintage stuff is always fresh and in trend, be it furniture, clothing, music, or lifestyle.

Those who love retro and vintage stuff will definitely find this collection very appealing. We have selected some really cool retro stuff and items such as furniture, accessories, and clothing that made us want to have them all.

#1. This is a total stunner. Simply gorgeous

Photo: © fayrooz_eljazwy

#2. Hazel Atlas uranium glass collection.

Photo: © esoDose

#3. Sweetie baby swag only for 45 USD

Photo: © abops

#4. What an unused original 80s Japanese Nintendo Family Computer (Famicom) looks.

Photo: © DivOveR

#5. The most unique-looking vintage wooden wine box

Photo: © ArbyTheBeefBurg

#6. A fantastic old Magic Chef Stove/Oven combo.

Photo: © Jester-is-clever

#7. Vintage-retro-kitsch tubular aluminum lawn chair with wheels

Photo: © Mawi-tch

#8. Cool vintage ceramic elephant figurines

Photo: © Hannahporcelain

#9. This cute dress from the 1970s is all about love

Photo: © avocadoland

#10. Trendy 80s Levis denim jacket with tags

Photo: © heslumbythesea

#11. The owner of this coach is super lucky

Photo: © hedgehogwing

#12. This style is so lovely

Photo: © hedgehogwing

#13. Cute vintage “French” or “princess” phone.

Photo: © feygay

#14. Who needs these cool rollers

Photo: © Impossible_Smile8814

#15. 1946 Gruen  “Pan American.”

Photo: © copperglass78

#16. 1940s wool with silk inner lining blazer. It looks fabulous

Photo: © sonicenvy