16 Hilarious Shots Of Weirdest And Funniest Positions That People And Animals Sleep In

“Give me a pillow, and I can sleep anywhere anytime.” We guess some animals and people have rendered this phrase into their own one: “give me ground, and I can sleep anywhere anytime in the weirdest and the funniest positions.”

We have seen humans taking the weirdest positions while asleep, but animals take it to another level. Pets make our life more colorful, happier, and obviously more fun, and they do it in the most different ways. Apart from everything they do to cheer us up when they are awake, these sweet four-legged creatures do their best to make us melt when they are asleep. This collection of the cutest and funniest sleeping positions is proof that animals are more adorable while asleep than humans.

Scroll down to see the collection of 16 hilarious shots and share the weirdest position you caught someone sleeping in.

#1. Every pet owner should have this kind of  photo

Photo: © boredpanda.com

#2. This girl I know has a unique talent that presents itself when she gets too drunk.

Photo: © Imgur

#3. Well… he certainly plays dead at a professional level.

Photo: © dLeddy

#4. Good ideas are born after a good sleep, but great ideas are born during it

Photo: © devyanimhatre

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#5. How tired you must be to sleep like this?

Photo: © Imgur

#6. Sleeping like rock be like

Photo: © igneousrocks

#7. My dog wasn’t happy when a drunk friend decided to sleep with her at 1 am.

Photo: © DobbHeadPlus

#8. Sleeping in the weirdest way is his profession

Photo: © cheezburger.com

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#9. I will forever be envious of his blissful sleeping.

Photo: © Mooseknuckle_leakage

#10. Right after eating

Photo: © Madanax

#11. Seeing food in a dream looks like this

Photo: © The_Skeletor_

#12. This is how people sleep when drunk.

Photo: © msobubba

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#13. Sleeping in weird positions makes them look cuter

Photo: © IBEATCURRY1on1

#14. I found this kid sleeping in the closet at my friend’s house party.

Photo: © Imgur

#15. Making fun of your sleeping pets is disrespectful

Photo: © Reesyboy741

#16. Sleeping in such positions is my second job

Photo: © yandex.ru

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